GaryDeWaard elucidates the changing face of the entertainment industry

California, USA based Gary DeWaard is a well-known entrepreneur with over a decade of expertise in sales and marketing companies. He always sought after new means of flexing his creativity to entertainment providers. Mr. DeWaard applied his passion and creativity for the entertainment industry through solo projects and investments.

Here, Gary DeWaard provides a small glimpse into how diversified the application of Augmented Reality (AR) technology can be in the world of entertainment. The adoption of AR technology for the entertainment industry is widespread and purpose is to experiment with mixed reality technology” says a short film producer. Movies, music, and games the fun experiences we enjoy today are becoming more realistic, more immersive, and more interactive than ever before. Augmented reality (AR) technology is one of the biggest causes of the shift in this sector.

Future of the film and TV
Have you ever watched The Ring? Now imagine the most memorable scene in which the girl crawls out of the well. How about crawling out of the TV and into your reality? This is precisely what could be accomplished through the use of augmented reality AR technology” reveals Gary DeWaard.

The future of film and TV is more immersive and entertaining than ever before. The interactive TV could utilize augmented reality (AR) to provide information on top of what the viewer is already seeing. The scope is much broader and the prediction is that TV could become an extension of the internet and the tons of video content people are already watching there. The lines are becoming blurred and time will tell if one will be enhanced through the other or if the technology will eventually become extinct.

According to Gary DeWaard “augmented reality (AR) is a much more hi-tech approach where television programs are integrated with relevant web content. AR as entertainment could enhance our sensory perceptions, give us access to additional information, and create a hybrid world that contains the best of reality and imagination.

Music, audio files and AR ear-buds
While AR may seem like a highly visual technology, there have already been attempts to change the way in which people listen to music or access audio information. Ear-buds with real-world sound control means certain real-world sounds (like background traffic noise) could be filtered out while other sounds will come through. This isn’t noise cancellation; this is a selective audio modification technology” says Gary DeWaard, an experienced entrepreneur. The ear-buds create an augmented layer on top of real audio to enhance the listening experience and customize it in a way that the listener enjoys.

Future of the Entertainment Industry
The future of entertainment will be heavily dependent on technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)” states Gary DeWaard. The fact that we take our mobile devices everywhere we go to provides entertainment industry representatives with new opportunities to reach and engage an audience. So far, AR has mostly been utilized as a way to increase the effectiveness of multimedia, videos, presentations, and games. In the future, its use could become much more practical.


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